Unlocking Your iPhone 5C: Is It Safe?

by admin on September 8, 2013

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Unlocking your iPhone 5C: Is it safe? This is the main question you will ask yourself if you have an iPhone and you would like to unlock it for various reasons. When you actually unlock a device, you’ll basically break the technological tie that lies between the carrier and the hardware. After you’ll do so, you will finally be able to use the phone with any carrier you like and use SIM card from all over the world, which is great when traveling. 

However, when you’ll want to unlock your device, it’s best that you’ll leave a professional to do that for you. You see, unlocking your iPhone is not a simple as you think and that is why it should be left out to someone who is good at it. Professionals have a lot of experience with doing this for many years, so the process will not only be very fast, but at the same time there will be no risks. And all you need to pay for this is just a very small fee. 

First of all though, you’ll have to understand the reasons to why you would like to consider unlocking your phone. For example, many people would like to travel to different countries or even live there for a few months and they will definitely not want to use their roaming service to be able to call people. Everyone knows that it’s pretty expensive and you won’t be very happy to see a fat phone bill at the end of the month that just begs to be paid.

Now unlocking your device is also great when you don’t want to get stuck with a single provider. For instance, you may not like the plans and also the prices that AT&T charges for their services and that is why you may feel more inclined to go with T-Mobile or Verizon. When your phone is unlocked, you are the one who is in complete control of how much you would like to pay and of course, the type and quality of services you will receive. In general, you’ll get a much better offer if you stick with prepaid phone cards than if you would go under contract. All that you’ll need to do is just ensure you’ll have enough credit in your prepaid phone card so that when your current offer expires, it will automatically renew itself.

The word “unlock” basically refers to the fact that your phone is locked on to a single carrier and when you will unlock it, you’ll practically be able to use it with any carrier you like. It gives you the freedom of choice, the freedom of being in control of the carrier you want to go with and the services you’d like to benefit from. 

With that being said, now you know that unlocking your iPhone 5C is very safe, so please make sure you’ll let a professional do it for you. It’s a short process which is completed in ten to fifteen minutes, after which you’ll be able to use your phone with any SIM card you want. How great is that?


Top Myths About iPhone 5C Unlocking

by admin on September 8, 2013

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Number of Apple customers is on an increase day by day. The state of the art iPhone running on an iOS operating system offers some superb services to its users and hence everyone is eager to buy it. Apple allows you to download several applications from its App store and use them.

However, there are users who will not confine themselves to the Apple App Store and want to use apps and software beyond the Apple App Store. This is when the problem shall arise as Apple does not allow other applications to be used. For those who want the best of both worlds’ on their iPhones, unlocking is the savior. It allows you to get rid of the restrictions imposed by Apple on the use of software other than those found in the Apple App Store.

With the release of iPhone 5C approaching, it is necessary that you make up your mind about the idea of unlocking it after the purchase so that you are not bereft of the benefits that unlocking has to offer. There have been a few myths about unlocking an iPhone 5C even before its release, which might prevent few future owners of this device from going for unlocking their phones.

Let us see what are the top myths about iPhone 5C unlocking:  


1. You need to be an iPhone expert to unlock an iPhone 5C

This essentially means that your skills would not suffice unlocking an iPhone 5C and you will need to visit a professional to get it unlocked. However, this is only a myth generated from ��anti-unlocking’ circles. The unlocking procedure only needs the IMEI number of the device you wish to unlock and the procedure further is fairly simple.

2. Unlocking an iPhone is illegal

There have been rumors doing the rounds that it is illegal to unlock an iPhone 5C. It is however, only a rumor as there are no specific laws governing iPhone 5C unlocking. It is the mobile carrier that is responsible for this process and hence all you need is to organize with them for an official unlocking which necessitates white listing the device from the Apple database. The bootloader, baseband or the firmware need not be known since the unlocking process does not involve any hacking.

3. Unlocking your iPhone 5C would render the device unusable.

One must bear in mind that this is a little more than just a hoax to scare those who are eager of unlocking. It states that if the unlocking goes bad, you can never reverse the smartphone to its normal functioning level and this may actually happen in very few cases and not all. To avoid this, all you need is a service provider who you can trust to guide you well through the process to perfect unlocking.

4. Unlocking an iPhone 5C is a very expensive thing to do.

It is again a myth as most unlocking software can be acquired for as low as $29. It is recommended to use paid software as free ones may pose a threat to your gadget.

5. Unlocking an iPhone 5C renders the warranty null and void.

This is an entire false notion as you can successfully reverse the unlocking process and then avail the warranty. With this, Apple will never even come to know if you had unlocked your phone and then reversed it.

Most of these myths arise from Apple themselves and few other ��anti unlocking’ beneficiaries and are nothing but stunts to scare users. 


Things To Know Before You Unlock iPhone 5C

by admin on September 8, 2013

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When the iPhone 5 was released, it was an instant hit and many people bought it because it could do so many things so much better than any other iPhone that was released in the past. On top of that, it has proven itself as a great smartphone overall, despite the releases from competitors. However, if you want to take full advantage of the functionality of your phone, you’ll definitely need to unlock it. Below, there are some things to know before you unlock iPhone 5C.

Modified Settings and Other Enhancements

First of all, you should know that the average consumer basically has access to more than seven hundred thousand apps that he can download and install on the iPhone 5C.  The fact is that there are also many other applications that Apple will not allow you to use. For instance, there are some entertainment programs and games that are only allowed to be used on an unlocked phone, yet that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you will take your iPhone to a specialized service to unlock it, then you’ll be able to start using certain applications and programs that will not only make your iPhone more fun to use, but at the same time increase its performance. Some apps for instance, will allow you to boost the performance of your Google Chrome browser for instance with up to 300%.

On top of that, after you will take the decision of unlocking your device, you will benefit from a series of enhancements that you’ll be able to make within the iOS. So the things that you cannot currently change about the iOS will become changeable after unlocking your phone. Even better, many of these changes will allow you to increase the available memory of the phone and also preserve battery life. Once you have made the decision of unlocking your iPhone (a reversible process nonetheless), the sky will be the limit in terms of what you can do with it.

Those Who Unlocked Their iPhone Don’t Regret It

Amongst the main reasons to why people will unlock their phone is because they would like to travel in various countries and still be able to keep in touch with the friends they might have brought along. An unlocked iPhone allows them to use any carrier they choose, so they can easily save a lot of money by doing so.

Last but not least, if you want to make sure that the unlocking process is swift and there will be no problems with it, then you will have to get in touch with a specialized service. These services will generally employ a very small fee that is much smaller compared to the at least 100 dollars you’ll have to pay to get a factory unlocked phone.

As this article conveys, these are the main aspects you’ll have to keep in mind when it comes to unlocking your iPhone 5C. By considering them, you’ll certainly be a happier iPhone 5C user who will never choose to go back to a locked iPhone again.


Reasons To Unlock Your iPhone 5C

by admin on September 8, 2013

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Unlocking your iPhone 5C may initially be something that you are curious about, but after you’ll learn more about the benefits it can bring, then you’ll certainly want to proceed with it as soon as possible. When you buy an iPhone, you’re not actually going to take advantage of its full functionality, not even mentioning the fact that you’ll be forced to use a single carrier. With that in mind, below you’re going to learn more about the reasons to unlock your iPhone 5C. 


Amongst the many reasons to why people will consider jailbreaking their phone, many will do it because they would like to customize the feel and look of their iPhone. For some, it may sound like putting form ahead of function, but customizing the platform is actually a good way of making sure the platform is personalized and it becomes easier to use. Now, instead of having to put up with the boring screen logo you are presented with every time you boot up your iPhone, how about you will put a picture of yourself or maybe something else? It will certainly give your iPhone 5C a whole new look and feel. 


If there is one massive complaint from iPhone users against Apple that is the fact that the software and computer giant has chosen to bury vital and also very much used settings under the layers of menus. For instance, an example is something very simple like switching Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on and off.


Of all the apps that were listed here, this is the one that has the simplest interface of them all. However, it also has an ace up its sleeve and that is the fact that it can do something that is priceless: it can easily give JavaScript a great boost in speed. The Nitro JavaScript engine from Apple is good, but the downside is that it’s restricted to applications like iBooks and Safari, but when you will choose to install Nitrous, you’ll find that any application that makes use of WebKit will have access to it. As a result, third party browsers such as Mozilla and Google Chrome will experience a boost in performance of up to 300%. 

Worldwide service

You may choose to travel in certain parts of the globe and you’d certainly want to still be able to make calls. Going with the roaming service of your carrier is certainly not an option, as this will cost you a lot of money. And because of that, unlocking seems to be the best choice to making sure you’ll be able to use a local SIM card and thus enjoy the privilege of local calling rates. 

What needs to be said about unlocking is that it’s a reversible process, but you’ll have to ensure you’ll be going to consider a professional for doing it. These guys have a lot of experience with unlocking iPhones, so when you’ll leave your device on their hands, you’ll be able to get it back in just 10 minutes or less, fully unlocked and ready to rumble!


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If you are not happy at all with the limitations that the iOS has imposed on your device, then you should definitely consider unlocking it. This is a very simple process for a professional and it will be done in just a few minutes. So basically, unlocking your phone involves following a set of instructions and the majority of networks that offer you the iPhone 5C sell it locked, so that you will be the only one to use it on their network. When you’ll finally unlock the device, you’ll be able to use it anywhere in the world and access networks that you couldn’t gain access to in the past. Below, this article will focus on Apps you will never use if you don’t unlock your iPhone 5C.

3G Unrestrictor

As the name implies, you’ll find that this application will allow you to make calls over GPRS, Edge and of course, 3G, unlike Skype that you’ll only be able to use over Wi-Fi connection. So you will be able to add any application you want and then use it to make calls without ever being forced to be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Make it mine

This app name may sound a bit greedy, but leaving the joke aside, it has nothing to do with that. It basically allows you to change the name of your carrier to whatever name you like. On top of that, you’ll also be able to change the banner to read something you would like.


Well, now here’s a very popular and famous app that will help you with customizing your iPhone 5C so that it completely resembles your personality and needs. Because Apple just doesn’t allow you to change the layout of your icons and also tweak the operating system, you’ll find that this app contains various themes that suit the taste and personality of everyone.

Swirl MMS/iRealSMS

These applications fall into the text message groups and this means that you’ll need to have them together. With iRealSMS, whenever you receive a short text message, you’ll be able to immediately reply to it without having to close the app you’re currently using. On the other hand, when you’ll use Swirly MMS, you’ll be able to use your device’s MMS capabilities with a carrier unlock. With the use of this amazing app, you’ll finally be able to receive and send MMSs easily and that is because it’s been integrated in your messages application.

What you have to know about unlocking your phone is that you’ll have to get in touch with a professional to help you with it. They have a lot of experience with it and the process will be completed in just a few minutes. You’ll also be charged a very small fee.

Remember, if you want to benefit from the full functionality of your phone and also use as many applications as you like, the only way to do that is to make sure that you’ll unlock it. You’ll never believe how much fun using your iPhone 5C will be after doing this, so don’t waste any more time and do it as soon as possible!